Tips For Classic decoration

Tips for decorating your home in a classic style

It is not the style that is most frequently seen today but undoubtedly has a great charm, we see some advice for furnishing in a classic style.
When you enter a classic style environment, the feeling is that of being guests in a noble house of ancient and noble origins, in which every element, from floor to ceiling, meets the criteria of tradition, grandeur, in the proper sense of dimensions, and exquisite refinement. The classic style is immediately recognizable: furniture with a retro flavor, inlays, lots of wood, oversized upholstered sofas, capable of transmitting hospitality and warmth without inciting severity.

To follow this style, we need to start from the fundamentals: the choice of the floor cannot be casual but to orientate between marble, whether in shades of red, brown or ivory, and parquet. The walls require a cream color; a darker shade is allowed only if the floor is very light.

No doubt about the living area! Unquestionable principles are solid wood furniture, preferably with rounded shapes or soft and sinuous lines: to say wood is an understatement because even typology is fundamental for color, quality, and effect.

The constant attribute of furniture is “great”! There are inevitable furnishing elements, such as the glass cabinets that preserve fine silverware or porcelain, the upholstered sofas embellished with some golden touches. The furnishing accessories are made of crystal, gold, silver, and very fine porcelain.

Best interior decorators in BangaloreThe lighting is multifaceted but always sought after: crystal chandeliers, bedside lamps with lampshades in precious fabrics, wall lamps finished in every detail. The curtains, richly draped, are in silk, brocade, velvet.

The kitchen redeems the style from this aristocratic aura: in wood, lacquered in white, ivory, champagne or masonry, elegance and simplicity are combined. It is not crowded with accessories and decorations because it is usually used only for the preparation of meals, the dining room is provided in a special place. Rather, the appliances are hidden, like the refrigerator, in special classic cabinets.

Even sinks, faucets and lighting are not exempt from the need for elegance.

Solemnity is the word to define the bedroom, rich in mirrors, gilded frames, wardrobes, bedside tables in inlaid or decorated wood, with the headboard of the bed as the protagonist. Not infrequently we will find the toilet area, a chest, and a small lounge.

The bathroom is also particularly rich in sophisticated details: wooden cabinet for the washbasin personalized with porcelain knobs. White, antique pink or champagne dominate, giving the room, respectively, an elegant, romantic or more sparkling effect. Rounded lines protagonists.

The trap for those who make themselves is to fall into excess, which can make everything cumbersome and chaotic, redundant and even self-congratulatory. Instead, the authentic classic style makes it possible to make a house a palace where balance and harmony are the true hosts.

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